V-Bucks are something you always want to have stacked in your Fortnite wallet. Whether you want to get your hands on a fancy new skin or grab exclusive pickaxes, V-Bucks are the main way to add some new cosmetics to your Fortnite locker.

While the most standard v bucks generator way of getting V-Bucks is by purchasing them through Epic Games directly, there are sometimes, though very rarely, free V-Bucks codes you can redeem to get the Fortnite in-game currency directly to your account.

If you are wondering how to redeem and obtain free Fortnite codes, you’re in the right place!


There are no active free V-Bucks codes in Fortnite as of June 3, 2024. As soon as Epic Games releases any free codes, we’ll update this section accordingly.

Free codes online are usually released in bundles, where you can also get access to free cosmetics, emotes, and other in-game goodies rather than free V-Bucks.

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that some of the above free V-Bucks codes (if any are posted) might only be available in certain regions or may have already expired.


To claim your free Fortnite redeem codes for V-Bucks, you’ll need to know how to obtain them and bulk up your in-game wallet.

Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions to get your freebies and start spending on v bucks generator some glorious in-game cosmetics!

  1. Head over to the official game website for Fortnite
  2. If you’re redeeming a V-Bucks card, head here.
  3. Log into your Epic Games account or sign-up.
  4. Select the “Redeem” tab on your account.
  5. Secure free Fortnite codes by either typing them or copy-and-pasting it into the “Access Code” textbox.
  6. If you face any difficulties redeeming the V-Bucks code, please verify that it’s correctly spelled and formatted. Once successfully redeemed, you’ll receive a confirmation message or notification.

Your free V-Bucks will be available to use the next time you log in to Fortnite, regardless of whether you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. GL HF in your next matches!


V-Bucks are Fortnite’s sole in-game currency, typically bought with real money. They are available in bundles, so 1,000 V-Bucks is £6.99, 2,800 V-Bucks is £17.49, and so on.

V-Bucks in Fortnite are most often used to purchase in-game cosmetics through the rolling Item Shop. This includes character skins, exclusive pickaxes, gliders, dance emotes, and tons more!

In addition to all these v bucks generator goodies, players can also use them to grab the current season’s Battle Pass. Each Battle Pass consistently costs 950 V-Bucks, providing a bounty of exclusive content that cannot be unlocked anywhere else.

If you make a purchase by accident, you can use a Refund Request on your Epic Games account to be refunded V-Bucks for unwanted skins or cosmetics. This must be done within 30 days of purchase and players only get three Refund Requests a year, so use them wisely!


Aside from this article, there are some other bonus methods of obtain a free Fortnite code for V-Bucks.

Be careful when searching for Fortnite redeem codes online, you may encounter scams looking to take advantage of you, like a Fortnite V-Buck generator. These are often are too good to be true and require you to fill in your personal information, supposedly in exchange for a free VBuck generator.

Always check the legitimacy of sites claiming to yield free redeem codes, check your PC or device for any malware, and don’t click on any suspicious links.

Fortnite Battle Pass Quests

If there’s a new Battle Pass, whether you’re on the premium track or free track, there should be plenty of free V-Bucks up for grabs.

Completing quests is the v bucks generator best way of fast-tracking your way through the Battle Pass, granting up to 15K Battle Pass XP for completion. Quests could be anything from “eliminating X amount of players” or “completing a specific in-game objective” and can be achieved through regular gameplay.

Official Fortnite Channels

One of the most reliable sources for obtaining free codes is through the Epic Games and Fortnite socials, including their InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Occasionally, they may also reveal exclusive redeem codes on the Epic Games website, so make sure you regularly check out the news section and community forums for free V-Buck code giveaways, promotions, and more.

If you’re purchasing V-Bucks, only do so via Epic Games or through irl retailers like Best Buy, Target, and other stores that offer V-Bucks gift cards.

Streamer Giveaways

Although this isn’t a surefire method, many Fortnite streamers host giveaways where they distribute redeem codes to their followers and subscribers. Entering these free giveaways can be a fun way of snagging free V-Bucks codes without having to put much effort in. However, like the lottery, this method relies heavily on luck and cannot guarantee any active codes.


Unfortuntaley, there are no free V-Bucks codes available for May 2024. If Epic Games decide to treat the community and distribute free Fortnite codes, we’ll update this article accordingly so bookmark this page to stay informed!