If you were to take a look at the gaming industry even a decade ago, the idea of running visually demanding games like Hellblade and Red Dead Redemption 2 would be a farfetched dream for any gta 5 mobile game. Developers alone would fail to support this theory.



However, the modern era of gaming is simply not limited to handheld consoles or high-end machines. Instead, a smartphone like the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro can run games like GTA 5 without completely overwhelming the phone itself.

A YouTuber Showcases How Games Like Hellblade Perform on Such a Small Device

Both triple-A and indie games won’t have problems running on smartphones in the future.

Head over to Serg Pavlov’s YouTube channel, and you’ll find quite a few videos encompassing the potential of ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro. The smartphone thrives on the Qualcomm SM8650-AB Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which sets a great benchmark for modern games to run smoothly.


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Most of the gameplay footage manages to gta 5 mobile live up to 60 frames per second and beyond, making the game feel as rich and vibrant as intended. One of the videos shows a run of GTA 5’s very first mission, and even with the slightly varying visual quality you’d expect from modern-gen machines, the game runs without any major bugs.



Translated from Russian to English, the description reads the following:



Settings: Wine 8.18 staging, Dynarec 445, Turnip V6.5, DVXK 1.10.3, resolution 1280×720. The rest of the emulator settings are unchanged. Graphics quality: Combined (High+Standard).

It crashed once, otherwise, it works fine. In complex scenes 25 – 35 fps, in simple ones up to 60 fps. Cooling – external cooler Black Shark FunCooler 2 Pro. Judging by the temperatures, it is not enough.

The frame rates may fluctuate a little, but the gta 5 mobile overall performance remains commendable.

Red Magic 9 Pro is just the beginning of next-gen mobile gaming

A device smaller than the Steam Deck, yet feels as powerful.

Whether it’s cloud gaming or actual storage space and other resources used by a smartphone, the modern generation of gaming is simply not limited to high-end systems anymore.

Running on Adreno 750 GPU and an Octa-core CPU, the ZTE nubia Red Magic 9 Pro was released as one of the more powerful smartphones in recent times that has managed to break barriers in the world of mobile gaming.



Moreover, the promise of Xbox Cloud Gaming and similar services shows further potential for the future of portable gaming. Hellblade is one of the few games from the Xbox side of things that will be will be capable of running on mobile phones soon enough.

Whether it’s being streamed through cloud service or gta 5 mobile straight-up rendered by the tiny machine, the coming days for smartphones are quite in favor of triple-A and indie titles alike.

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